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The Foodbank

In an emergency please contact Portland House on 01638 600699.

The Foodbank is part of Newmarket Open Door, and redistributes donated foods and household products to disadvantaged people through charities, voluntary and social welfare organisations, reducing food waste to landfill.
The charity also operates the Shop ‘n’ Share scheme with donation boxes at Tesco’s in Fordham Road and Milton, Cambridge, and Cambridge Daily Bread. We recieve a large number of regular and one-off donations from retailers, wholesalers and local churches, businesses and organisations, including Sainsbury, Tesco and Reed Forwarding. Recent large donations came from the staff at Matioli Woods and Godolphin. 

We also receive  large donations including fresh bread and cakes etc from Tesco and M & S. 
Where is the Foodbank?Food Bank

Unit 5 Craven Way, Newmarket CB8 0BW

Open Tuesday & Thursday 10am-4pm.

Fridays 10am to Noon.

How can you access the Foodbank?
Access is by appointment only by telephoning 01638 561711, the Open Door office on 01638 600699 or the Superstore on 01638 660900.
Customers at Foodbank make a small contribution of 30 pence per kilogram to contribute to warehousing costs.  Free emergency food parcels are available to referred individuals and families.
What do we stock?
Our stock is variable depending on the donations but can include:
  • Tinned soups, meat, fish, beans, fruit and vegetables
  • Packet soups, flour, sugar and dried vegetables
  • Jars of gherkins, beetroots, olives
  • Frozen foods including ready meals
  • Fresh fruit, salads and vegetables
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Biscuits, cereal bars, chocolate, sweets and cakes
  • Cooking sauces, tomato sauces, chutney, mayonnaise, salad cream
  • Water, lemonade, squash, cola, juices, milk and other soft drinks
  • Cat and dog foods, tins, pouches, dried foods and litter
  • Soap powder, bleaches, washing up liquid, toilet cleaners, dishwasher tablets and other cleaning products
  • Shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, soaps, shaving gels and other personal hygiene products
  • Seasonal items such as Easter Eggs and Christmas Puddings
  • Fresh bread, cakes, doughnuts, fruit and vegetables
  • And much more!
Why are these products available?
Wholesalers and retailers donate items for a variety of reasons:
  • Incorrect or changes to packaging
  • Discontinued products
  • Insufficient shelf life for distribution through shops
  • End of trial runs
  • Damage to outer packaging
  • Donations from Shop ‘n’ Share and other public sources
  • Passed Best Before End Dates
Please note that all items are dated with the advisory code ‘best before end’ that means that the manufacturer does not guarantee the quality after the end date.  We do not handle 'Use By' items except for fresh vegetables. 
Our suppliers are: 

Manufacturers, processors and producers, wholesalers, caterers, churches and schools (especially at Harvest Festival), sponsors, clubs and other charities. We can collect larger quanties. 

Our thanks to

Tesco Newmarket for their donations of fresh food through Fairshare

M & S Newmarket for their freshfood donations through Neighbourly

J Sainsbury for groceries

Reed Forwarding

Donations welcome

If you or your organisation or business would like to make a donation, as a one-off or regular basis please contact John Durrant on 01638 600699 or 07767837054. 

Shop 'n' Share
Tesco Newmarket and Milton Cambridge  and Daily Bread in Cambridge have kindly provided collection facilities for customers to shop and share and donate to the foodbank.

Meal Vouchers
Open Door also distributes meal vouchers primarily to the street homeless or for those temporarily without cooking facilities. A voucher is worth £3.50 and redeemable at the Stable Restaurant in the High Street.

How did the Foodbank begin?
Emmaus Cambridge and Jimmy’s Assessment Centre worked in partnership to form the Foodbank as an independent charity in 2001, opening in a small warehouse in Coldhams Road. It was probably the first in this country.

In 2008 the Foodbank moved to Newmarket to co-locate with Open Door and benefit from lower rent and larger premises.  The two charities completed a merger in 2009.

Grants have been received in the past from Cambridge City Council, the Tudor Trust, Chivers, Jimmy’s Cambridge, Barclay's Bank, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Community Foundation and Emmaus Cambridge.


Foodbank Application Form

Download Foodbank Application Form

Foodbank Newmarket